Marcelo Rossi

Partners & Contributors

Since the year 2,000 to present time, a lot of assistance has come from other designers, consultants and professionals who have worked as members of the studio or as third parties.
I have also established work groups on particularly difficult subjects with some of them. With others, I have formed temporary partnerships for specific jobs while with some others we have become partners in a more stable manner and for rather long periods of time.

Said cooperation has succeeded in different ways and time, and it has had multiple objectives and success. I am sure that by working with all these people, we have always enriched each other and repeatedly have had fruitful implications.

For these reasons is that I somehow owe all people who have worked with me some of my training and knowledge in the field of design. I am absolutely convinced that all labour relations with other professionals have been very valuable. Therefore, by naming them is that I want to thank those whom I have designed with in the past and also those whom I will continue to do so in the future.



Arch. Nicolas CASTIGNANI
Arch. Sergio IAQUINTA
Arch. Boudewijn KAIJSER
PRAS Consulting Progettisti Associati
AiKu s.r.l.
DAT Architectural Workforce



Germán BAIGORRI, Pablo TORRES, Ivan KUSTICH, Nicolas RACAGNI, Juan BARRIONUEVO, Maria Gabriela ROVERE, Belinda MAZZER, Elena TACCONI, Rafael BECKFORD, Paulo BARBARESI, Alessandra PRECENZANO, Nicola VITALI, Jeanette BJON, Gianluca FONTANA, Fernando ARIAS, Lucas ASENSIO, Matías AUDANO, María VEGA, Riccardo Zingaro.

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