Marcelo Rossi


Arquitecto Marcelo Adrian Mario RossiMarcelo Adrian Mario Rossi was born in Argentina on January 23, 1965. He began the architecture training programme in the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (National University of Córdoba) - Argentina in the year 1984. During the last years as a student and at the end of his training programme, he performs his first architectural works. In the year 1991, he moves to Rome for two years, where he completes the Laurea Thesis at the Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza". At the same time, he works for the firm of Professor Arch. Alfredo Lambertucci. Successively, he takes part in his first international competitions and undertakes several architecture study trips around Europe and the Middle East. He goes back to Argentina in 1994 and is awarded the degree of Architect, in the city of Córdoba. He returns to Rome to improve his studies and in 1997 the Universitá di Roma "La Sapienza" awards him his second degree. He has been registered in the Association of Architects since 1999. He collaborates with different architecture firms and construction companies gaining vast experience in the executive and construction phase of architectural works.

In the year 2000, he opens his own firm in the city of Rome - Marcelo Adrián Rossi & Partners. It establishes as a firm centred on the research and search for the architectural project, being this element the reference point for his own projective synthesis. Successively, he participated in national and international competitions in which each of his works was characterized not only by the product obtained, but mainly by its "design process". Starting from a generating idea, it arrives to the physical materialization of the idea/architecture where nothing will be left to chance and where each part is studied in depth. The diversity of a fragmented and multiform world become synthesis of a few movements and it wraps around the complexity of the functions, forms and technologies in a unified whole. The architectural response born in relation to this panorama is always necessarily different and articulated, characterized by the specific thematic and contextual conditions.

A "synthesis" architecture shall be then produced in the search and research which will make the conceptual and ideational content its own core foundation constituting a result which answers, in an approved way, to its own requests of the functions and the content representation. This projective position is recognized and awarded by important international judges in different competitions carried on in Spain, Italy and Saudi Arabia. In this way, the project elaboration becomes a change of systematic experimentation, individualizing in the different scales of intervention a significantly transformative practice as a response to the general "crisis of the place".
Working together with AiKu s.r.l. company since 2008 in Italy and with DAT Architectural Workforce company since 2010 in Argentina - Marcelo Adrián Mario Rossi Architect & Partners – creates an interdisciplinary group with the purpose of combining a research dimension of architecture with a professional completeness which is capable of answering to complex projective programmes of any scale and typology, taking all the necessary from a consolidated network of consultants and specialists.

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