Marcelo Rossi

2nd Prize - Wind Energy Plant - Cinisi, Italy - 2001

Project: WINDENERGY PLANT "Lanscapes of the Wind"
Year: 2001
Professional services / Tipo: Concept project



2001 Second prize winner of the international competition for the realization of a windenergy plant in Cinisi - Italy. President of jury Arch. GIANCARLO DE CARLO


You/he/she can exist a new image of the landscape, but the subject is ancient. On the Pecoraro Mountain they dominate the Wind, the Vegetation and the Stones.
The face of a man that start each other climbing from the lowland toward the top, warns more and more strongly the movement of air as breath and soul of the place. It feels that the green of the plants loses damp and acquires light and sun, almost extending, finally, to the yellow. And the stones accompany and they sustain the slope, damage a sense of stability and duration.
The Project: Linear ribbons of walls in stone that beginning from a trunk - as branches of a tree - they are let bring from the wind, they model under a spatial profile and paesaggistico the place.
The proposed spaces, are born from the fluid geometry of the net of paths of stone (ribbons), and from his/her relationship with the surrounding territory.

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