Marcelo Rossi

Morelli – Lally House, Frasso Sabina, Italy - 1996

Project: COUNTRY HOUSE renovation and conservation
Year: 1996
Professional services / Tipo: Definitive - Executive project – Realization 



The ruin is located on a high hill with cherished and large views towards the countryside of Lazio.
The typology used at the beginning of the century consisted of building on pieces of land which gave people the possibility of having a story (three metres approximately) between the upper part, where the entrance to the house was located and the lower part, where there was an access so that their animals could come in during the night. In this way, people would take advantage of the heat of the animals to warm up the house in the upper story.

The starting point characterized by the perimeter walls of a ruin from the beginning of the century built with big local stones forced us to work within the defined limits and with linkage regulations which are typical from the place.
The almost entire conservation of the perimeter wall, the addition (masonry) and the subtraction (windows and doors) were the only arguments which had a relationship with this existent perimeter/box.

An analysis of the elements found there led us to diagnose and carry on tasks such as: treatment of the structural system, the natural ventilations, the sun exposure, the favourable sights and mainly to the maximum exploitation of the available cubic metres. As a response to this point, the inside of the "box" is structured in five half floors. The natural geological conditions of the land allowed us to build two floors in one half of this "box" and three others in the other half, creating in this way half floors interacting with each other by means of a system of staircases in the central part which functions as a filter sculpture of the entire inner space.
A vertical inner wall joins all the spaces and gives them a unified vision.


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