Marcelo Rossi

Gastaldi Tatched Area, General Deheza, Córdoba, RA - 1990

               Lunch, Room Walk, Swimming Pool
Year: 1990
Professional services / Tipo: Definitive - Executive project – Realization
Dimensions: Surface ground 300 sqm
                        Gross surface 110 sqm
                        Swimming Pool 50 sqm



The project is developed in the garden of a house of the Rationalist period. The building must be attached and form an angle with two party walls. Since one of them is adjacent to an industrial shed, it has a very tall wall and a gable roof. The need to integrate this party wall with the project or make said wall part of the project becomes a strong determining factor. Therefore, it represents the starting point of the project and of the decisions made. The project will be contextualized and integrated with this "natural" factor answering to the circumstances we face.

The built volume will be an intermediate point between the back wall height and the depth of the swimming pool in the foreground, thus forming in this way a staggered shape between the full and empty spaces.
The built mass - as a whole - together with the swimming pool respond to self-steering axles, thus a common centre is created. Even though the semicircular volume of the sitting room with the fireplace and the volume of the dining room are autonomous and legible shapes, there exists a facade vertical element between them which puts them together providing a unified interpretation of the whole proposition.

The swimming pool longitudinal axis together with the volume of the fireplace create a unified whole. The fire coming from the fireplace is reflected on the water surface of the swimming pool creating the water/fire ambivalence. The sun space next to one of the largest sides of the swimming pool is positioned in an optimal manner because it allows anyone using it to receive direct sun and sun reflected on the water. The dining room also has a longitudinal axis which allows the building of the barbecue and "centre of attention" on one side, and on the other side, toilettes and changing rooms built in a triangular space forming a 45º-rotated triangular prism. This prism rises and stands above the building. It has a big flowerpot holder attached to the high party wall from where creepers grow covering in green said perimeter wall. At night and from the inside of this Rationalist house, the fire of the fireplace reflected on the water of the swimming pool can be appreciated.


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