Marcelo Rossi

Siemens - Rome - 2005

Value of works: 24,00 Millions of Euros
Year: 2005
Professional services / Tipo: Concept project
Dimensions: Volume building general 56.000 cum.
                        Volume shed Enel 5.472 cum
                        Surface ground 17.122 sqm
                        Gross surface 16.000 sqm



In the 1866 Werner Siemens discovers the principle of the dynamo. It generated an important development for our history.

Having to design a building for Siemens in Rome, and Rome fundamentally being a city of a great history, this important historical discovery of creating low cost electricity in large quantities became a source of inspiration in the project.
The dynamo - The building.
A box that contains on the inside a central collector of flows. Around this nucleus two different and opposite fields are found. One passes itself of in red –positive pole of the dynamo- and the other passes itself of in blue -negative pole of the dynamo-. These two fields are each others opposites, but they are the ones, who together and within the nucleus will have to create energy.
The box opens itself in the centre towards the road, and it closes itself on the back side, that overlooks an urban context of the already composed city with 6 to 8 floored buildings.
The existing shed of the Enel (Roman Electrical Company), has to share the plot of the new office building, but has also to remain isolated. The outside surface of the shed will be made of a skin that passing itself in electrical amplitudes, giving to the building a new form and giving at the same time a new climate protection screen.



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