Marcelo Rossi

Pisa Provincial Administration, Italy - 2003

Year: 2003
Professional services / Tipo: Concept project
Dimensions: Surface ground 50.440 sqm
                        Gross surface 118.800 sqm



The City, The Tower, The Verticality

The proposed idea shouldn't been appeared, from the beginning of the design process, impermeable to the historical and architectural context of Pisa and therefore slipping out the space in which to look out and to take root. The project is supposed to give, body to a difficult meeting point between innovation and quotation, between the project of an original and well recognizable image and the memory of historically affirmed figures, and rather entrances belonging to the universal cultural patrimony. The historical nucleus of the city offers, in fact, not simple models of admirable medieval-renaissance architecture but something more. Particularly the leaning tower, emblem and almost coat of arms that immediately communicates the name and the memory of this city to the world It is not only an architectural jewel but one of the non rare examples in Italy, in which the synthesis of lines and forms have reached a degree of concentration and such essence to represent archetypes of our thoughts, symbols of harmony that become a template for all the knowledge fields.
The tower in Pisa is one of these examples, because proposing a proportion of lines and rhythms of particular elegance, it lances a mysterious challenge to the verticality, that during the centuries cannot be explained as entirely won or entirely lost. For a long time, therefore, the tower represents together the research as well as the failure of the verticality.
The proposal quotes the architectural matter of the challenge to the verticality, that is the same image of Pisa. The proposal follows an analytical route moving strongly from a point of synthetic departure as the tower in Pisa, and leaving that the mysterious meeting of lines that takes part of it, was developed in a more widely discourse.

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