Marcelo Rossi

Bioclimatic Towers - Rome – 2006

Value of works: 13,2 Millions of Euros
Year: 2005
Client: ACILIA 91 srl. gruppo Scarpellini
Professional services:
Preliminary project

Dimensions: Volume building general 53.000 cum.
Surface ground 8.620 sqm
Gross surface 16.562 sqm


The project responds in absolute manner to the type de climate that finds again every face of the rectangular plant, The side North is closed to the cold wind and the absence of sun creating situation of served spaces. The side long South is opened to the sun in winter to transverse of big glass door to leave to pass the sun and the light, but in summer with the situation of start of the balconies it is produced a horizontal plan that prevents the penetration of the sun inside the house. The side West and he/she already closes mostly each other some side south that it has to hold up the tall temperatures of the summer afternoons with wall ventilated for preventing the release of the temperature inside the house.
They are created therefore situations and rhythms diversified through fiorierie and ringhire, these have a separate character in every prospectus, is in the color that in the superficial treatment of the materials.



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