Marcelo Rossi

Bernocchi Residence – Rome – 2008

Year: 2008
Client: Gruppo Scarpellini
Professional services:
Preliminary and Definitive project

Dimensions: Volume building general 57000 cum.

                       Surface ground 8.620 sqm
Gross surface 16.562 sqm

The cloister-shaped inner space was designed as a garden for private use of all people living in the residence. It has footpaths, multipurpose points or "isles" and playgrounds without any barriers or divisions.
The external access is located on the highest point of the field and it constitutes the main entrance for residents and visitors who can access to the highest part of the cloister. The location and dimension of the public parking space can be appreciated from there.

This area was thought as a panoramic square and is located in such an strategic way that people can see the whole square and the entire surrounding park. People can also see the whole eleven accesses to the buildings. This way, the residents or visitors can easily understand which way they have to go to. All the strip of houses in this same area rests on pilotis which lift the buildings providing a free storey which offers the residents shade and protection in rainy days and fosters the recreational activities.

All the apartments feature broad balconies on both sides of the building and people can access them from almost every room of the apartment. Said balconies were thought to host small hanging gardens.

The stairwell, the external stay rods and the metallic roofing with photovoltaic panels are inserted in a context of technologically modern materials whereas the volumes of the buildings with plastered surfaces or made with stone and facing brick are part of a more traditional system.
Some vertical elements like the walls of the kitchens, the hanging flowerpot holders or some of the bedroom cores will be characterized in different pastel colours with the purpose of transforming them in unique identifiable bodies providing in this way a clearer individual participation of each access/building within the entire complex.

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