Marcelo Rossi

Social Residences - Rome – 2005

Value of works: 13,2 Millions of Euros
Year: 2005
Client: ACILIA 91 srl. gruppo Scarpellini
Professional services: Preliminary project

Dimensions: volume building general 53.000 cum.
                        Surface ground 8.620 sqm
                        Gross surface 16.562 sqm 

                        A – 43.000 cum. for residences
                        B – 10.000 cum. for student flats


The building is situated in the centre of the plot. The creation of a screen with a large opening ('portico') offers a strong identity to this particular zone of Casalbernocchi. A vertical element detaches itself of the volume which constitutes the true 'portico' of entry, and unites the lowest level with the highest level (15 ms. difference in altitude) by a pedestrian skywalk. A separated volume at the lowest level completes the total project.
The elevations are treated with sliding coloured punctured metal panels, creating in this way a flexible system allowing to enter or lead the sunlight inside the house.
The housing typology offers two opposite open sides, and therefore it allows the entrance of sun and light during the whole day in winter. The orientation generates a rich list of views towards the park to the east and the other one to the north-west.

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