Marcelo Rossi

Youth Residence - Seville, Spain- 2003



Year: 2003


Professional services/ Tipo: Preliminary project

Dimensions: 142 apartments for young people – students

                         Volume building general76.160 cum.

                         Gross surface:  23.800 sqm.



Winner of the international competition

There is perhaps a sign, even of difficult realization, that succeeds in representing the extreme meeting point and the equilibrium between an already build static volume and the dynamics of an object in movement. Something that is inviting as a firm train in a station and at the same time suggestive as trains that runs through the country and escape.

In the articulation of three volumes, which are in strong relationship with the forms and proportions of the ancient station St. Bernard, the project gives an answer to this challenge by energetically underlining the horizontality, drawing lines that are being freed towards the horizon. According to the observation point, the look of who observes the buildings, will be stopped on the façade or take a rush following the horizontal borders, that suggest speed to the visual perception.

The project is organised by three well delimited and autonomous buildings, separated entities which are set in relationship with a more ample and complex urban context, making the impression and the testimony of a rich past full of movements.
The inheritance left by the station platforms (VIAS), strongly engraves the territory with visible lines and characteristics; in fact the object of the competition is the resulting by the subtraction of the dead platforms is an answer on what has been gone.
The façade of the station, above Juan de Mata Carriazo street is marked with a rhythm composed by metal columns and divided in two floors. The lower one has no façade structure and the upper one has metal cladding and glazed parts. These elements are considered to be proposed in the new project.


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